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Documentation of the Agile Planning Plugin for AtlassianTM JIRATM by AIM Agile IT Management GmbH.

While supporting many agile projects and scrum teams regarding methods and tools we very often encountered a critical demand for enhanced information in the JIRA Agile Board.

Typically a development team needs to check the estimated workload for team members as well as stories (parent issues) basing on the work breakdown: original estimations, remaining estimations and logged work. But this is not easily done for two reasons: first of all JIRA does not completely show sums of sub tasks and secondly there is no comparison to remaining estimates and logged work on this level.

Enhanced sprint planning and workload balancing based on flexible summation of estimates and logged work tightly integrated in JIRA Agile Board

Quickstart and Highlights

Do an immediate quick start by following this overview guide.

The guide covers the following highlights:

  1. Sum up estimates for issues and / or sub-tasks!
  2. Switch between an issue and assignee based list!
  3. Use aggregation mode 'by column' to view sums of issues / sub-taksks for each board column!
  4. Detect deviations from original estimates easily!

(lightbulb) NEW: Kanban boards are now supported with version 1.0.5 and higher!

Setting up


Versions & Release notes


Request a demo!

Raise a service request on our service desk.

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